Removing stains

For every rug counts: try to prevent stains. If staining occurs, handle the instructions below.

  • If the stain is recent, it is important to act directly. Most of stains are water-soluble and water is the principal detergent.
  • Make sure that most of the staining material is removed. Use for instance a spoon to take the staining material away. Work inwards from the outside so that the stain does not become larger.
  • Dab with a wet towel the remainder of the stain. Avoid rough rubbing because this could damage the carpet.
  • Take a clean white towel, make it wet and wring it thoroughly. Press it firmly on the spot. The towel will absorb the stain.
  • If the towel still absorbs any colour, repeat step 3 until the towel no longer absorbs any colour.